4 tips, LOTS of outfits featuring the T-Shirt Dress!

Dresses can be intimidating, completely understand where you are coming from and then something happened. I discovered T-shirt dresses! So versatile, literally so much mix and matching! Lots more then 5 ways but how about 5 different images to help you? Let's just go with it, okay? Okayyyyy! 

Tip 1: Change up the shoes! 

  • Booties
  • Tennis Shoes 
  • Wedges 
  • Sandals/ Flats
  • Riding or over the knee boots 
  • Cowboy boots

Tip 2: Layer, layer, LAYER! 

  • Cardigan 
  • Flannel
  • Jean Jacket 
  • Scarf
  • Chambray button up
  • Kimono

Tip 3: Jewelry!

  • Rings 
  • Necklaces 
  • Statement earrings (my personal favorite)

Tip 4: Outside the box 

  • Night gown. So actually this one was by mistake but I bought a rather thin, unlined dress but it was so soft I just put it in my pajama drawer, no regrets. Its my favorite. lol 
  • Swimsuit coverup! 

I wasn't lying when I said so versatile! Mom, teachers, office ladies all approve! You want to know the best part, T- Shirt dresses are usually very reasonably priced! I suggest a lined or thicker material but I did add in some different options!

xoxo. Des

  • Tiffany Burkhart on

    You are AMAZING and SO BRAVE! WTG girlie! Cant wait to try out all these techniques with my new t-shirt dress. Can I also point out another option is to layer over skinny Jean’s, hike it up, and it looks like a scrunched top! #socute

  • Stephanie on

    As I am heavier set I have a hard time with dresses period I wish I just felt confident in. I love all of your uses for the T-shirt dress and you look amazing. I love love hello deer!

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